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Must Visit Places This Autumn

By Jenna Grobler, Staff reporter, The Pawprint

It’s finally autumn. It’s cooling down, the humidity is becoming lesser and lesser by the day, and you can finally do outside activities again. When looking at things to do there are multiple options. You can visit the Burj Khalifa or even the Burj al-Arab, swim at the Legoland water park, and even visit the indoor rainforest. But here’s a guide to the top places you must visit. 

 The ‍Burj Khalifa is Dubai’s main tourist attraction with over 16,730,000 annual visitors. With the cooling-down weather, you can comfortably relax on the 124th floor without feeling the heat! The Burj Khalifa took around 9 years to build and was finished in 2010. While up at the 124th floor you can experience a 360 deck board so you can view the almost entirety of Dubai! 

‍The Burj Al-Arab stands 321 meters tall and is located on its island! ‍The Burj Al-Arab is also the world’s tallest hotel standing as well as the only 7-star hotel! At night, the gorgeous hotel is lit up with multiple LED lights giving it a glowing effect. Guests can also enjoy an infinity pool, outdoor bar, underwater restaurant, and a restaurant at the top! With this cooling weather, you can chill at the pool all day and enjoy the stunning weather! 

For people visiting with families and friends, you may enjoy LEGOLAND Dubai! It is split into two different parts. It is a part of Dubai Parks and Resorts and was created specifically to entertain families with children aged 2 to 12. So bring your kids to this fantastic theme park! Allow them to explore six themed lands with over 40 LEGO-inspired attractions, rides, and displays, allowing them to bring their wildest imaginations to life. 

Another incredible option for people with families and younger kids is Dubai Safari Park! The park houses over 3,000 making it a fantastic memory for children! For the people that want a closer look, you can meet these animals in a close encounter and learn more about them at this park. And for those who don’t, you can view the animals from afar at the many chairs spread throughout the park. 

Lastly, For those who believe it is still too hot to be outside a good option would be IMG world of adventures. The world’s biggest indoor theme park! The park is home to around 22 rides with lots of thrilling drops and racing turns.  The amusement park is divided into 4 zones – Dinosaur Adventure, Cartoon Network, Marvel, and IMG Boulevard. There are rides for all ages here, making it the perfect family destination.

I hope you have a great time in Dubai and enjoy your visit! 

Safe travels

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