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Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Review

The Milwaukee Killer, Monster, The Devil or Blonde Cannibal, had many names, but his given name is the most feared. Jeffery Lionel Dahmer was a Serial Killer who had murdered over 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Jeffery Dahmer was later killed in prison on 28 of November 1994 by fellow inmate, Christoher Scarver. 28 years later, one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world created an exceptional series, named Monster, about the life of Jeffery Dahmer and his murders. 

Evan Peters, who plays Jeffery Dahmer, said that this is one the most difficult roles he has had to play  throughout his career.  Peters told Yahoo News that: “Dahmer, Dahmer you see, was a terrifying person, but when it comes to portraying a serial killer, as much as you hate it you have to become them in order to fully perform…..” Evan Peters had to undergo tough transformations to accurately convey who Dahmer was. His successful acting skills and hard work are evident in the first ten episodes released on Netflix. 

Directed by Ryan Murphy, “Monster” emphasizes Jeffrey Dahmer’s history to portray his round and changing character. Dahmer was a quiet person throughout his childhood; however, as he approached his death, he turned into a hurt and broken man. Ryan Murphy’s main goal was to show Dahmer as an attention seeker,constantly craving recognition from his peers and his society. 

“Monster” is a great example of what a series should consist of in order to provide the viewer a great experience. The music composed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, emphasizes the effect of the society on Dahmer and how it led him to become such a monster. Cinematographers Jason McCormick and John T. Connor, along with the vision of Ryan Murphy create a visually exhilarating 10 episodes as all the gore and emotion is clearly shown all throughout the series. The story-telling creates a well told biographic based point of view on Dahmer’s life from his young years to his last years.

It goes without saying that “Monster” has gone beyond expectations as it has received great reviews and has become the second most viewed series on Netflix with over 200 million views. In terms of acting and directing, this series deserves to be nominated for the upcoming Emmys. Finally, Monster fully embraces the Satanic side of Jeffery Dahmer and creates a well paced and entertaining series about the Monster himself.

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