DAA Daily

DAA Prepares for KHDA Inspection

By Omar El Araby, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

During the week of the 24th to the 27th, KHDA will be conducting its yearly inspection of GEMS Dubai American Academy. With Dubai American Academy being the only American school that has been rated outstanding for 10 years, they are looking to push for another year of an Outstanding rating.

The KHDA inspection of GEMS Dubai American Academy is carried out by educators and school leaders from British and American schools. Before the inspections are carried out, the schools are usually given a 5-day notice for the inspection visit. The school also prepares a self-evaluation form (SEF), which is a form where the school reflects and shares its focus on change and improvement. During the inspections, the main focus for inspectors will be focused on particular themes, any innovative practices, or specific groups of students. This usually results in lesson observations being conducted where the inspector walks in and inspects a class at any random time. 

The reason schools in the UAE that are under KHDA are inspected yearly is to ensure that the world-class education systems that it aspires to be are being achieved. In order for KHDA to rate the schools, KHDA employs a high-quality evaluation system to ensure the quality is measured reliably in school performance and to “support school improvements and school outcomes.” This is in line with UAE’s Vision 2021 which “includes aspirations for citizenship, a spirit of entrepreneurship, enhanced educational attainment, and a knowledge-based economy driven by innovation, research, science, and technology.”

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