DAA Daily

Not the ‘Same Old’ Jets

By Josiah Bartlett, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

The last time the New York Jets had a positive season with winning over 50% of their games was 2015. Since then, the Jets have not had more than six wins in each year except for 2019 when they were 7-9. When the Jets lose big games, NFL fans call them the ‘same old’ Jets who don’t win anything. That was until yesterday night when they beat the Buffalo Bills 20-17.

The Jets were 10 point underdogs to the Bills, who are the number 1 team in the AFC. As the game was progressing, the Jets were losing 14-10 and people kept repeating ‘the same old Jets’. Then the game was delayed for 11 minutes due to a cable problem on CBS’ sky camera. When play resumed, the Jets were still struggling with a false start and a fumble.

Then, it’s as if the heavens opened up for the Jets as their rookie Cornerback Sauce Gardner intercepted the ball which led to a scoring drive which put the Jets ahead of the Bills 17-14 for the first time in the game. After the Bills tied it after a field goal kick, the Jets pounded the rock (football term for running the ball) until there was 1:43 left on the clock and Jets kicker Greg Zuerlein kicked a 28-yard field goal to win the game 20-17.

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