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Transformative Climate Solutions to be Promoted through an Innovation Hub at COP27

By: Andreea Dibo, Health & Environment, The Pawprint

At the UN climate summit COP26 in Glasgow in November of last year, world leaders gathered to decide on the next steps in combating climate change.

However, according to climate specialists who spoke to the BBC, the global energy and financial crises have diverted governments worldwide, which has slowed down progress in 2022.

The UN issued a warning last week that a global catastrophe is near. A new legislation in the US and a change of administration in Brazil can stop the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, respectively.

Next week, leaders leave for COP27 in Egypt, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt is slated to increase the scope and efficacy of innovation (SDGs). This meeting will last for 12 days, from Sunday, 6 November to Friday, 18 November.

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