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Christian Teen Camp in Wyoming Has Been Abusing Teens for Years

By Audrey Mirzikinian, News, The Pawprint

Trinity Teen Solutions (for girls) and Triangle Cross Ranch (for boys) boarding homes located in Wyoming, are being accused of forcing teens into hard labor and humiliating punishments. These camps are a Christian therapeutic programs designed for troubled teens to cure them. Parents send their troubled teens with problems such as drinking, skipping school, depression or even fighting with families from all over America to this remote camp to ‘fix’ them. This christian therapeutic ranch charges $6000 a month and these desperate parents are paying it and sending their teens away, sometimes without even visiting it first. They offer this program for girls and boys aged 12-17 years old to enable ‘true healing’.

There have been many reports of injuries to women that require surgery from hauling heavy metals. If not obeyed their punishments consisted of running up mountains with minimal food supply. They say they were tied to goats for days and branded with a cross as punishment. “From the time we woke up in the morning to the time we went back to sleep, we were always doing work. Always,” said Taybre Conrad (19yr and left in 2020).

Both these camps monitored letters and phone calls made between the teens and parents. The teens had no way to escape as the only gas station was about 30 miles away and they were bordering the Beartooth Mountains. Both of these ranch camps were run by the same family with a program for the boys and another for the girls.

When these girls were released there were over 25 girls who have reported allegations of abuse at the ranch to authority and the organizations remained under investigation whilst receiving teens from around the country. The Wyoming Department of Family has been receiving complaints of abuse dated back to 2007. “Trinity is a bunch of fear-based activities and punishments that were supposed to teach you something, but all they taught you was how to be scared of everything,”says Carlie sent there at 13 and 15.

State officials discovered violations at the ranches, including Triangle Cross Ranch failing to report violent acts and child suicidal and homicidal threats, and Trinity Teen Solutions forbidding girls from using the restroom and forcing them to wet themselves. However, the state did not suspend or revoke the ranches’ licenses. This camp has caused many mental health problems to the teens from the abuse and trauma. These two boarding schools are now facing lawsuits for alleged horrific abuse.

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