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Rams Cooper Kupp saying all games should be played on grass

Josiah Bartlett, Sports Editor, The Pawprint

LA Rams Wide Receiver Cooper Kupp was asked on Thursday whether he prefers to play on a natural grass field or a turf field. Kupp didn’t hesitate when giving his answer. “It’s not even close,” Kupp said. “I know there’s stuff going around the league right now, there’s some issues. Hands down, we should be playing on grass. Hands down, we should be on grass. And that’s all I’m going to say.”

Out of the 30 NFL stadiums, with the LA Chargers and LA Rams sharing SoFi stadium and the NY Jets and NY Giants sharing MetLife stadium, 14 of them use artificial grass, including SoFi and MetLife.

The reason this question popped up was when both Seattle Seahawks WR D.K. Metcalf and LA Chargers CB J.C. Jackson each left the game on Sunday with knee injuries, on non-contact plays. When asked this on Wednesday, Seahawks Pete Carroll said that “We definitely need to look at this really seriously in the offseason again. It’s been a discussion before. We’ve got to do what’s right, and we’ve got to do what’s safest for the players, and we’ve got to make those choices. I would pound on the drum for that.”

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