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“Would be a serious mistake if Russia uses nuke against Ukraine” – Biden

By Faris al assam, Staff Reporter, The Papwprint

Russian President Joe Biden has issued a strong warning against using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, claiming that doing so would be a grave error.

While the operator of Ukraine’s nuclear energy said its neighbor was carrying out some covert work at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, the Biden administration had earlier claimed that Russia had provided notice of its intention to hold routine drills of its nuclear capabilities.

Just to be clear, Biden told reporters on Tuesday at the White House that using a tactical nuclear weapon by Russia would be a impactful mistake.

When asked whether Russia was prepared to use a dirty bomb or a nuclear weapon, he replied in the negative.

However, Jean-Pierre claimed that the US had not observed Russia making any preparations along those lines, but emphasized that it will continue to closely monitor the situation.

She warned that there will be consequences for Russia, but she would not list them in this article. And, as you can see, we have had direct contact with them. I just won’t jump ahead of any discussions regarding the plan we’ve outlined for the Russians.

When asked about possible peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, Jean-Pierre responded that Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian president, should negotiate.

That choice will be made by Zelenskyy on behalf of his nation, according to Jean-Pierre.

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