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Upcoming Movies to get you in the Halloween Spirit

By Defne Eldem, Arts and Entertainments Editor, The Pawprint DAA

Halloween Ends

Laurie Strode is staying with her granddaughter and working on the last chapters of her autobiography, four years after her final encounter with the mask-wearing killer Michael Myers. Since Myers hasn’t been seen, Laurie makes the decision to let go of her anger and fear and embrace life. But when a teenager is charged with killing a youngster he was watching, it sparks a wave of violence and fear that pushes Laurie to face the evil she can’t stop.

Prey For The Devil

By reopening schools to prepare priests to perform exorcisms, the Roman Catholic Church fights against an increase in demonic possessions across the globe. Sister Ann is given the opportunity to be trained by a professor despite the fact that nuns are not permitted to undertake this ceremony. She finds herself in a fight for a little girl’s soul after being thrown onto the spiritual front line and discovering that she is being tormented by the same monster that plagued her own mother years earlier.


Dr. Rose Cotter begins having terrible experiences that she cannot explain after seeing a strange, horrific incident involving a patient. Rose must face her troubled history in order to survive and leave her terrifying new world as an overwhelming horror starts to take over her life.

Spirit Halloween: The movie

Three middle school buddies who believe they have outgrown trick-or-treating make the dare to spend Halloween night trapped inside the store when a Spirit Halloween Store opens in a lonely strip mall. However, they quickly learn that a vengeful demonic ghost that has taken control of the spooky animatronic creatures in the store is haunting it. To survive the night and avoid getting possessed themselves, the children will need to embark on a fascinating and terrifying adventure.

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn

Chase and Laine go to the HorrorHound Festival, where Laine starts to have eerie premonitions and visions related to the town’s past, particularly the Creeper, a local legend. Laine thinks that something supernatural has been called forth and that the Creeper is returning for the first time in 23 years as the festival gets started and the gore-filled entertainment ramps up to a frenzy.

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