DAA Daily

Iranian Man who didn’t wash for half a century dies at 94

Rufaro Zaranyika, Arts and Entertainment Editor, The DAA Pawprint

A hermit dubbed by the media as ‘the world’s dirtiest man’ passed away at the age of 94, only a few months after getting his first wash in decades

For more than 50 years, Amou Haji had resisted using soap and water because of concern that he would become ill. The Iranian, who resided in the province of Fars in the south, had resisted prior efforts by villagers to clean him up.

However, according to the local media, Amou Haji finally gave in to pressure and washed a few months ago.
He fell unwell shortly after, and according to Iran’s IRNA news agency, he passed away on Sunday.

In a prior interview, he admitted that his favorite food was porcupine and that he resided in the village of Dejgah between a hole in the ground and a brick shack constructed by worried neighbors.

He explained to the source at the time that “emotional setbacks” when he was younger were the cause of his unorthodox decisions.

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