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Liam Hampson: Australian rugby league player found dead in Spanish club

By Rufaro Zaranyika , Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Pawprint

After going missing on a night out with friends, Liam Hampson an Australian rugby league player was discovered dead in Spain.

Local media reported that Liam Hampson’s body was discovered on the floor of a Barcelona nightclub after an apparent fall.

He was in Europe with a group that included National Rugby League (NRL) players, who reported him missing. The 24-year-old’s family say they are “heartbroken” by his death, which they described as an accident.

He had become separated from his friends when leaving the Sala Apollo nightclub in the early hours of Tuesday local time, his family said on social media. Officers believe Mr Hampson accidentally fell from a substantial height of about 10m, the report said. The autopsy of any other factors of his death is yet to be released.

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