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Top 6 Trendiest Halloween Costumes

By Emma Chalouhi, Staff Reporter, The PawPrint

#1 Jackie Burkhart

Jackie Burkhart is a fashion Icon displayed on the famous Netflix show “That 70’s show.” She is a great option if you are into vintage 70’s clothing. There are multiple iconic looks from her to choose from as well as hairstyles, clips, and accessories. To pull off “iconic” look, all you need is some fun colorful clothing and some unique accessories. 

#2 Elvis & Priscilla Presely

Ever wanted to be a rockstar couple from the 50’s? Elvis and Priscilla are both icons from the mid 1950’s. They’re world renowned and recently been brought up in the new movie “Elvis.” This is a perfect costume for couples or friends who want a fun and unique look. Additionally, there are multiple iconic looks from both of them including funky hairstyles and shiny jewelry.

#3 Barbie & Ken

Ever wanted to be a doll for a day?  Barbie and Ken are a great option as there are multiple eras of Barbie and many creative looks to choose from. This is a great look for couples or who are willing to step outside the box and be different. Strap on some blue leather, high knee socks, pink heels, and a bright pink belt to effortlessly recreate an iconic costume.

#4 Mean Girls Trio

Replicate one of the most iconic “it trios” from the 2000’s that will make you feel like a “mean girl”. The mean girls trio is one of the most iconic halloween looks you can recreate. Many generations know of the mean girl trio and it is such a fun look for three friends.

There are many trendy, chic looks to choose from, but remember if Halloween’s on a Wednesday “wear pink.”

#5 Scooby Doo gang

Live out your Scooby Doo dream and become investigators for the day. Daphne and Velma are both a part of the famous TV show “Scooby Doo”. They are both known for their iconic looks and their bright colors. This would be a trendy option for two friends and a cool way to turn a kids TV show into chic fashion.

#6 Disney Princesses

Who doesn’t want to feel like a pretty princess? Grab your gowns and your crowns to become a kid’s best friend for the day. Choose from any famous princess. Want to feel like a lost mermaid? You have Ariel. Want to fly on a magic carpet? You have Jasmine. Want to lose your glass slipper? Cinderella is the one for you.

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