DAA Daily

Masks Not Required Anymore

By Omar El Araby, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On September 26th, 2022, all DAA students and staff received the announcement that masks were no longer required to be worn starting September 28th. This piece of news was announced by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA). Covid restrictions in the UAE had been starting to ease and become less strict in the last few months, following the previous announcements of masks not being required while in outdoor places. Masks are still required in hospitals, mosques and public transport though. Also, wearing masks in indoor venues such as shopping malls and event facilities has become optional. 

This announcement has come as a surprise to all the DAA students and staff. 

Below, some teachers and students have shared their feelings about non mandatory masks: 

Aman, a 12th grade student shared how “covid is still an issue I feel, I think it’s good to have it return back to normal, I think everyones been vaccinated and we should be able to wear a mask.” Ms. Bystrak, a teacher from DAA has said how “I’m excited that it’s gonna be lifted so that we can have a little bit more freedom here at school and so that we’ll be able to see each other and interact a little bit more again.” Maria, a 10th grade student said how “I’m really excited, it’s gonna be great.” Emma, another 10th grade student said how she feels “it’s about time because it’s been 2 and a half years but also I feel like people are so adjusted and used to masks that it’s gonna be a big change for a lot of people.” 

Regarding if any of the DAA students or staff will wear a mask and why or why not, Aman shared how “I think I’ll keep it with me in really, really crowded places and I’ll still wear it but I think otherwise I’m not gonna keep one. Because covid is still an issue and can be a health issue so in really big crowds I’ll keep it with me.” Ms Bystrak shared howI might wear one in public places like the shopping mall or a grocery store where there’s a lot more crowding but here in school it’ll be nice to be able to teach without something covering my face.” Maria said how “no, probably never, because I find it more comfortable to be without a mask and it’s nice to be face to face with people.” Emma said “no, like Maria said, it’s a lot more freeing, especially walking up all the stairs and if you need to breathe, you can actually breathe and the mask kinda suffocates you.” 

Aman thinks non mandatory masks will be permanent because it’s been getting better since the start. On the other hand, Ms Bystrak said how she “doesn’t know, I’m curious about what’s gonna happen once the holiday season comes along and people will be traveling a lot again and I wonder if the mandate will come into place around that time.” Maria & Emma have said how it depends on if people abuse it or not and if people are being responsible and no one is getting infected. 

This announcement has come as a pleasant surprise for the students and staff.

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