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Egypt, a Whole Experience to Live!

By Ali Radwan, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

After two years of suffering (dealing) with a pandemic, the world is ready to once again spread its wings. Lockdowns and travel restrictions gave us time to dream, plan and research waiting for the moment to once again travel the world. Our lists are made, our bags are packed and we are ready to start a new adventure. Where shall we go? Many people dream of visiting Egypt: the pyramids, the Pharaohs and the mysteries of that ancient world.

However, many do not realize that Egypt is that and so much more. You may dream of discovering the unknown stories and artifacts, perhaps a chance to be an amateur Egyptologist. Whether you want to explore that option or just enjoy the sites of this amazing country Egypt allows you to get up close and personal with history.

The moment you step off the airplane in Cairo, the capital city, and start your journey you realize that you are in a unique world. Surrounded by new sounds, smells and sites Egypt will awaken your senses.

As you hail one of the dozens of taxis you enter a terrifying world of traffic and mayhem that only an experienced local driver can manage. As you race to your hotel you see the sites flash by, the contrast of the modern meets old world. When you arrive at the Hotel take the first day to explore your surroundings on foot. Exploring the souks, you will discover the many colorful textiles and aromatic spices. Take a break to enjoy one of the delicacies of Egypt known as fatta. A generous plate of rice covered with grilled soft meat smothered in rich salsa and a blend of fragrant spices that make your taste buds dance. Once you have explored the streets of Egypt it is time to interact with History. A great starting point would be the Grand Museum Of Egypt where you will not only see the common symbols of Egypt, but gain a better understanding of the rich history of this country. It is recommended to leave Cairo and explore other regions of Egypt where you can discover other facets of the country. Take a deep dive into the red sea where you will interact with marine life that is unique to that area. Enjoy the amazing breeze on the Egyptian Red Sea. Enjoy the variety of water sports in the crystal clear water, beach buggies in the surrounding mountains, riding horses and the delicious food. Through the airport of Hurghada you will jump with an airplane on a 30 minute flight to the last stop which is Luxor, the city of the temples, Nile cruising and stunning natural sites.Go back to Cairo through a Nile cruise and tell Egypt Bye Bye. “Of all the books in the world. The best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”Let Egypt be part of your story.

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