DAA Daily

Best Places to Work / Study in Dubai

By Adriana Labaki, Staff Reporter, The PawPrint

If you have a hard time being productive and focusing while sitting on your desk, or are procrastinating all the time, then these places in Dubai are made for you. With the new year starting, here is a list of cool, professional, and productive spaces to submerge yourself in work to be your most productive self. 

1- Ivy’s Secret Garden 

Based in Al- Quoz, Ivy’s Secret garden is a paradise of greenery, where you are surrounded with indoor plants and nature that help improve your mood and make you excited to work. This cafe doubles as a shop where you can even buy some plants and accessories. It is also super pet-friendly, allowing  you to be accompanied by your pet while studying. Ivy’s Secret Garden is Al-Quoz ‘s hidden gem and a perfect spot for creative workshops, clubs, events, classes… 


Another hidden gem in Al-Quoz is Techarc, a community space where you can do anything and everything. The booths in the cafe have paper and whiteboards to write on. Techarc is perfect for any type of work. You can even rent out a private room for meetings and conference events. Home to delicious coffee, Techarc has all kinds of food, ranging from pastas to salads, all healthy for your body and soul. It is the perfect productive space for all kinds of work, students, business events..   

3-A4 space 

Located in Alserkal Avenue, A4 space is a free and friendly working space where you can eat, meet, work, read, and do just about anything. This two story workspace has beautiful booths, a huge library, comfortable chairs, and couches.

4-Amazone Cafe

If you live a little bit further from the areas mentioned above, The Amazon Cafe, brings you the best quality Brazilian foods; anything from acais to smoothies, all the 

perfect snacks to keep your brain working. Located in Motor city, it is a beautiful space and with the perfect amount of quiet to keep you working. 

5- Paus Cafe 

If you are interested in self healing and self care, this is the place for you. The cafe always has good music, great healthy foods and good vibes all around. Paus Cafe is essentially a two story villa, with each floor containing a specific purpose. The first floor is a cafe for all types of studying and work, and the second floor is a sort of wellness center with daily yoga and meditation classes.

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