DAA Daily

Miss Dania, a Dynamic, Experienced New Teacher to DAA

By Samuel Merrawe, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

For many years, Mrs. Dania taught chemistry at the American Community School in Beirut, Lebanon. She was the chemistry department head at the school, as well as the Grade 12 Coordinator and the Green Club facilitator. She adored both her career and her school. Afterwards, she relocated to the UK where she taught IB chemistry. She moved to Dubai as of today with her husband and daughter who are new to DAA, and she is excited and looking forward to the remainder of the school year. Miss Dania’s origin and nationality is Italian and Lebanese. She speaks four languages in total. She speaks French,English,Italian and English. “I have a dual cultural belonging, Italian and Lebanese, I have studied in French and North American environments.” Mrs. Dania adores the students in DAA as well as all of her classes and the children who attend them. Her future plans for the years after this one are to continue teaching any grade in high school, maybe if possible she could teach IB Chemistry. She claims that her students are eager to learn and have a really good way of communicating as well. She loves the classrooms because she finds them so nice and exactly how she imagined them to be.

Since she believes that the best way to improve the world is via education, Mrs. Dania wanted to become a teacher in general. Mrs. Dania hopes to have an impact on the students and demonstrate to them that not all professors are like the ones she had in school. Additionally, Miss Dania chose to specialize in teaching science because, as a child, she had always dreamed of being a teacher. However, her father wanted her to become a doctor, therefore the best way for her to honor him without becoming a doctor was by teaching science. In her words, “science is magical, it’s so enjoyable, there’s so much to understand, it explains the world, and it’s thanks to science that we are what we are.” Interviewing and assisting in the introduction of a new DAA teacher to the DAA community was so much fun.

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