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Citizens suing German government over toxic air pollution

Lauren Chalouhi, Chief-in-editor, The Pawprint

A group of German citizens are suing their government over high air pollution levels. Although, this isn’t the first country where citizens have sued their own government.

The Russian government was sued by a group of activists, demanding that the government take stronger action over the climate crisis. Another example is in France. Civil society organizations, private citizens and advocacy groups use courts to hold governments accountable for their climate inaction.

They are saying their right to breathe clean and fresh air is being breached, and the government is failing to protect their citizens’ health.

Like other countries, Germany is facing high air pollution levels, and has passed the World Health Organization limits.

Around the world, air pollution is connected with seven million premature deaths a year.

It’s the first time citizens in Germany have taken an action this high, to advocate human rights legislation.

The group of seven, including parents fighting on behalf of children, are saying their health is at risk and the politicians are failing to protect them, also many of them have asthma.

The advocates live in Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. Four of Germany’s seven biggest cities, and are claiming they are breathing it with high concentration of pollution, four to five times higher than the WHO’s acceptable limits.

Germany’s air pollution levels meet with the country’s own law, but the advocates are saying the law must be changed to reflect growing scientific agreement.

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