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Floyd Mayweather defeats Mikuru Asakura in an exhibition fight

By Jad Mirza, Staff Reporter,The Pawprint

Boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather (50-0 undefeated veteran) knocked out Japanese mixed martial arts fighter Mikuru Asakura. Mayweather, who was recently introduced to the International Boxing Hall of Fame knocked Asakura out with a right hand at the end of the second round with the boxing icon Manny Pacquaio watching and cheering him on the side. Mayweather ended his career in 2017 against UFC star Connor McGregor making his final record 50-0. Now, he is close to agreeing on a rematch with the Irishman in 2023.

The fight was an easy fight for the undefeated champ, as it was an exhibition which has no judges and does not count on any of the fighters professional records. He landed at the Saitama Super Arena only an hour before the fight. Mayweather was also seen relaxing and watching TV and eating fast food in the dressing room, saying the fight is an easy payday. Floyd was not wrong and the two rounds bagged him US$30 million dollars.

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