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DAA Varsity and JV Volleyball Games against ASD

By Krishna Kosaraju, DAA News, The Pawprint

Both teams were hosted by DAA and ASD at their own respective schools. While DAA hosted the Varsity girls’ and boys’ games, ASD hosted the JV girls’ and boys’ games.

Interestingly, the JV and Varsity girls both won their games, while the JV and Varsity boys sadly lost theirs. The JV girls triumphed in two of the three sets, winning the first and second sets back-to-back to secure their victory, which was also the case for the Varsity girls in the exact same circumstances.

The boys’ JV and Varsity games went on, and they both gradually began to struggle and lose focus. The JV boys lost the opening set, won the second set, and then lost the third set, ultimately giving up when the deficit became too great to overcome. The Varsity boys team engaged in fierce competition against ASD in the third set, building a sizable lead before losing it completely in the closing seconds.

Congratulations to the JV and Varsity girls teams, while there is much for both the boys teams to learn and grow from.

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