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Two Dead as Hurricane Fiona Devastated Puerto Rico

By Rufaro Zaranyika , Arts and Entertainment Editor, The Pawprint

In Puerto Rico where hurricane Fiona brought flooding, landslides and a complete loss of the island’s energy supply, at least 2 people have been found dead.

In the town of Comero, two men died, one in his 30’s from a generator fire and another, 58, from being swept away by a river. The US territory has continued to experience heavy rain, and much of the island is still left without power.

On Sunday president Joe Biden issued a state emergency. The order allowed authorities to provide disaster relief.

Approximately 600 members of the National Guard are actively engaged in rescue operations across the island, and about a thousand individuals have already been saved. In the upcoming days, first responders from 3 states are anticipated to offer assistance.

The 3.3 million residents of the Caribbean island experienced a total loss of power and certain health facilities using generators were also impacted. The island grid’s operator, Luma Energy, predicted that some districts will be without electricity for days.

However with rescue operations in action, Puerto Rico will be power and safe soon.

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