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Swedish Prime Minister steps down following election loss

By Krishna Kosaraju, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

After admitting loss in the country’s razor-thin election, they lost narrowly 176 seats to 173, with 99% of the votes counted.

Sweden’s current Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson, resigned as prime minister, giving the victory to a loose coalition of right-wing parties that includes the far-right Sweden Democrats.

“So tomorrow I will hand in my resignation as prime minister, and the responsibility for the continued process will go to the speaker,” Magdalena stated. Since the polls closed on Sunday night, all the parties have abstained from commenting on a potential new administration due to the closeness of the vote and the uncertainty surrounding the ultimate result.

“Now the work begins to make Sweden good again,” Jimmie Kesson, the SD’s leader, said on Facebook.

Magdalena now gives the four-party right-wing opposition bloc the upper hand and the opportunity to establish the next government.

Even though there are still a few votes to be tallied, Andersson, who became Sweden’s first female prime minister last year, declared that the results proved that the right bloc had triumphed.

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