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Six children were killed in a school by army helicopters in Myanmar

By Angelina Saviozzi, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Army helicopters fired upon a school in Myanmar, at least six students were killed and 17 others were injured. Since the army dismissed an elected government early last year, violence has overtaken Myanmar in opposition to the military junta. The military overthrew the government and jailed the de facto prime minister Aung San Suu Kyi

Army helicopters reportedly opened fire on the school in the area that was hidden in a Buddhist monastery, according to sources in the Mizzima and Irrawaddy news portals.The military said in a statement “terrorists,” had been hiding in the monastery and exploiting the village to smuggle weapons through the region.

According to the report, “terrorists” attacked security personnel who had been dropped off by helicopter to perform “a surprise check” inside homes and the monastery.

This led to the villagers and children being innocently killed and injured just because they were put in the situation where they were in the same place.

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