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Joe Biden announces Covid-19 is over in the US

By Lauren Chalouhi, Editor-in-chief, The Pawprint

President Joe Biden has stated that the pandemic is now over in the US, although the number of deaths continue to rise.

Biden says that although “we still have a problem,” the situation is improving swiftly.

Statistics have shown that over 400 people in America, on average, die each day, due to the virus.

Last week, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) said that the end of the pandemic is “in sight”.

On Sunday, Joe Biden said that the US will be doing “a lot of work” to control the virus.

Although he hasn’t stated what his plans are except for encouraging everyone to get the vaccine. He said in an interview, “If you notice, no-ones wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape… I think it’s changing.”

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