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The UN chief says the “free-for-all” of fossil fuels must end

By Andreea Dibo, Health & Environment, The Pawprint

Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary stated that “The impacts of climate change are heading into uncharted territories of destruction.” The World Meteorological Organization reports warn that the world is “going in the wrong direction” with the topic of climate change. The atmosphere concentrations of greenhouse gasses continue to grow and global leaders are falling behind to implement measures to keep warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. According to the United in Science, our “Earth is inching closer to dangerous climate tipping points.” Due to the cause, already very heavy weather events have become more frequent and much more intense.
In other words, there’s a potential we might cross the 1.5C warming barrier in the next five years. Scientists predict the annual average could be anywhere between 1.1C and 1.7C warmer by the year of 2026.
“Heatwaves in Europe. Colossal floods in Pakistan …There is nothing natural about the new scale of these disasters, the current fossil fuel free-for-all must end now. It is a recipe for permanent climate chaos and suffering.” Guterres stated.

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