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Reports of Russian Torture Appears in Liberated Areas

By Lauren Chalouhi, Editor-in-Chief, The Pawprint

In north-eastern parts of Ukraine, a counter-offensive has seen the nation’s forces taking back areas of territory, and driving Russian troops out.

In the newly-liberated areas of Ukraine, comfort and sadness are twisted together, as reports of torture and killings during the long months of Russian occupation appear.

A man names Artem, who lives in the city of Balakliya, in the Kharkiv region, was held by Russians for over 40 days, and was tortured with electrocution.

Artem said that he could hear other screams of terror from other cells. He said the Russians made sure that the screaming could be heard, turning off the building’s noisy ventilation system.

Artem said, “they turned it off so everyone could hear how people scream when they are shocked with electricity.” “They did this to some of the prisoners every other day… They even did this to the women”.

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