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Russia Targeted Kharkiv Causing Numerous Blackouts

By Lauren Chalouhi, Editor-in-chief, The Pawprint

Russia’s goal to “deprive people of light and heat” by causing blackouts all across eastern Ukraine, is in response to a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Blackouts are affecting millions of people in eastern Donetsk and Kharkiv areas. The city mayor of Kharkiv says power is now back. Ukraine said it had retaken over 3,000 sq km, in an eastern counter-offensive, but can’t specifically verify these figures.

On Sunday evening, mayor of Kharkiv, Ihor Terekhov, said that the attacks from Russia left much of the city without water or power. Terekhov called it a “vile and cynical attempt at revenge for the Ukrainian army’s recent success.”

Later that evening, there were sounds of what people are assuming to be two missile strikes. The region’s governor and Terekhov had said emergency services were working to put out fires and repair damages.

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