DAA Daily

JV Volleyball Game this Friday September 16th @ DAA

By Audrey Mirzikinian, School News, The Pawprint

DAA Varsity and JV volleyball teams have been selected. This upcoming Friday September 16th we have our first match against ACS for our JV volleyball teams. The game will be held at the DAA gym at 15:00 and warm ups will start 30 min pripor at 14:30. Our JV girls will be playing on court one and we will have our boys on court three. The games will be first to 25 points, (but you need to win by 2 points). It will be the best of 3 sets.

The net height for the girls will be 2.18 meters and for the boy 2.33 meters. Athletes playing will not be required to wear a mask on the court or during warm ups but benched coaches and athletes will have to. All parents and students are now allowed to go watch and support. Wish good luck to our JV Leopards this Friday!

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