DAA Daily

Vietnam Karaoke Bar Fire Kills Up to 30 People

By Mia Stevens, Daily Digest Editor, The Pawprint DAA

A huge fire took place in southern Vietnam near Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday, September 7th killing up to 32 people and leaving many others injured.

The fire broke out on the upper floor of the establishment trapping many customers and staff resulting in more fatalities. To escape it is recorded that 4 people jumped from the second and third levels of the building and although they were severely injured all 4 have survived.

A statement given by Public Security Ministry says, “32 people were now confirmed to have lost their lives, including 17 men and 15 women” and “the fire started on the second floor of the bar and quickly spread to the third floor, which was full of flammable material”

The search for victims has concluded, and the 28 people that have survived have returned to their families.

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