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Venezuelans on Spiritual Retreat Missing in the Mountains of Andes

Rufaro Zaranyika, Arts and Entertainment Editor The Paw Print DAA

Up to 20 people, 5 of whom are children, are still unaccounted for in Venezuela after attending a spiritual retreat that was facilitated by a woman who claims the Virgin Mary informed her that the world was about to end.

According to the newspaper La Nacion, Rosa Garcia 57, is said to have persuaded up to 40 individuals in the Tachira town of La Grita to accompany her on a trip to Juan Penaloza National Park on August 20th.

The group was expected to return on Thursday and half of the number of individuals reported missing later that day after never showing up to their homes.

160 members of law enforcement, dogs and drones are working together to search for the group in the mountains of Tachira town.

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