DAA Daily

Top Destinations For Summer 2022

Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint DAA.

Summer is a season that most of us love and are excited for, this summer, especially because after 2 years of covid most restrictions are down and at ease. In summer there are lots of destinations, but the best destinations for individuals can vary, adventurous people want to go to places to try new things, people who want to relax go to nice beaches, explorers go visit new cities, etc. 

Now if you are more of a sports guy and want to try board sports such as boogie boarding, surfing, skimboarding, etc, then your top destination is definitely somewhere with waves. Countries that have amazing beaches, good waves, and good resorts include Australia, South Asia, Eastern South America, etc. Now I really suggest Australia because for many reasons, its beaches are nice and most of them have very good surfable waves. It’s also really good for skimboarding since due to the swell on shore you have lots of space to skim. Not only that after a day of surfing or whatever, but there are also great restaurants where a tourist can dine in, Australia has great fish and chips, and it has amazing pies. Not only that, people are very friendly as well, and the cities in Australia are very beautiful too.

If you are in Australia, although the cities are beautiful you probably won’t have much time to see them because of the number of activities you can do. But if you are more of a city guy then you should probably visit European countries such as England, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, etc. These countries contain lots of history and are very beautiful. In the cities, you can dine at amazing restaurants, and you can visit landmarks such as Colosseum, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel tower, Duomo di Milano, etc. And if you get bored of the cities there’s nothing to worry about because, near all of these cities there are beaches and lakes that you can visit and do fun activities. So what are you waiting for to plan your summer in order to have the best summer of your life!!

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