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Anticipation Mounts As Dancers Prepare For The Sharmila Dance Extravaganza 

By Miraya Aggarwal, Daily Digest Editor, The PawPrint

On June 3rd- 5th the Sharmila Dance students will perform at “The Theatre” at Mall Of The Emirates. The show includes a whirlwind of styles, impressive technical execution, colorful costumes, and intricate choreography. You can expect a diverse range of performers starring students as young as seven years old all the way to adult professionals.

The performers have been working tirelessly over the past months, under the careful guidance of Sharmila Kamte, the director and choreographer of the show. 

The show is currently on its 21st run and has for years been a unifying event for the dance community in Dubai. The show will comprise 22 unique dance styles featuring everything from – classical ballet to old school hip-hop.

“Watching children as young as seven right up to professionals perform their hearts [out] on stage is just simply wonderful. As their teacher and choreographer, it’s absolutely brilliant to see your ideas and concepts be brought to life by people who you have seen improve year after year growing into fabulous dancers,” remarked Kamte.

Viewers Can Buy Their Tickets At Virgin Megastore, or Bookmyshow.com

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