DAA Daily

Record-Breaking Heat Waves in Northern India

Larissa Chalouhi, Pawzfeed editor, The Pawprint

Temperatures in New Delhi hit a new high of 49.2 celsius. It has been predicted that temperatures are set to stay high until further notice so officials have notified the citizens to take care. 

It has been warned that this region should expect a heatwave that exceeds record temperatures seen in 2010 every three years. Whereas, according to BBC, without climate change, these extreme temperatures would have only been reached once every 312 years. 

The U.N mentions how there are four main factors that cause a severe increase in temperatures: greenhouse gas concentrations, sea-level rise, ocean heat, and ocean acidification.

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres described the report as “a dismal litany of humanity’s failure to tackle climate disruption.”

It is likely for these high levels of temperature to take place again.

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