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Amber Heard was not hit with a cellphone, according to an LAPD officer

Sienna Bouchaaya, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint DAA.

Officer Melissa Saenz testified in a videotaped deposition that when she responded to a 911 call on May 21 2016, Heard had no face injuries that indicated that she had been hit with a phone. On that day, according to Heard and her attorneys, Depp allegedly threw a phone at her face, striking her right cheek and eye.

Saenz testified that Heard’s face seemed to be flushed and that it had been visible that she had been crying but there were no facial injuries. She testified in March of 2021 and has been criticized for not taking notes while responding to the incident. According to a forensic psychologist, Heard ‘intentionally’ engaged in ‘extreme levels of exaggeration’.

Heard was then forced to take a forensic test. “On an objective test of trauma, there is a scale specific to intentional exaggeration, and Ms. Heard was in the 98th percentile, meaning that she had engaged in extreme levels of exaggeration.” 

Heard was then diagnosed with a personality disorder by Dr. Shannon Curry who was hired by Depp’s team. Curry said that she never claimed to have dismissed the abuse allegations, she never stated that they were false

Today’s first witness was Tara Roberts, who was the estate manager of Depp’s island. She claimed that life had changed once Heard started joining him on the island. Roberts then recalled the incident of a heated argument. She then mentioned how Depp had a nose injury after a fight between them.

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