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Home product giant Arcelik Admits Sustainable Goals Unrealistic

Larissa Chalouhi, Pawzfeed Editor, The Pawprint

The CEO of Arcelik, Hakan Bulgurlu, said on the CNBC’s popular sustainable future show last week that his company will not meet the sustainable goals it set itself.

He stated that “We have to make commitments that we don’t know how we’re going to meet, we have to commit to investing in technology and innovation and set the bar so high that it may scare us, but we have to be brave and really attack it in a way that’ll make a difference,” said Hakan Bulgurlu. 

Bulgari acknowledged that the multinational companies will only survive long term if they do right by the environment. 

Hakan was asked how he will reach Turkey’s U.N sustainable goal of reaching a net-zero target by 2050 when most of his products like washing machines consume a lot of energy. He replied by mentioning how he wants to replace every single washing machine out there because he believes that new washing machines consume far less energy which results in fewer emissions of carbon and less water consumption.

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