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Rare Planetary Alignment Occur

Larissa Chalouhi, Pawzfeed reporter, The Pawprint

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn were all aligned in the sky for the first time since 947 A.D. The planets will be visible to the naked eye, they appear like bright stars in perfect arrangement, this sight is known as “planetary parade”. 

According to 9news.com.au Andre Clayden, the director of observations at Springbrook Observatory in Queensland said.

“This planetary alignment is so special that we will have to wait another thousand years for this to happen again, so the year 2492,”.

The best place to go stargazing and planet sighting according to worldatlas.com is the Australian outback, as it is far away from the city. The dark sky reveals the milky way which is full of bigger and brighter stars. 

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