DAA Daily

DAA High School Spirit Week Began Yesterday

By: Natalie Shomali, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Spirit Week, organized by the DAA Student Government, is a week where students are given themes and allowed to dress down accordingly in their own unique attire. 

Yesterday, this year’s Spirit Week begun with students wearing their basketball-themed outfits, for Monday March Madness. 

The upcoming themes of the week are as follows: 

  1. Tuesday: Book Character Day
  2. Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday
  3. Thursday: Twin Thursday
  4. Friday:  Color Day, (Each grade level will represent their assigned color: Freshmen wear white, sophomores wear red, juniors wear green, seniors wear black, and staff wears blue.)

On Friday, the school will hold the Dodgeball 7’s, where high school girls signed up to play in a dodgeball competition, while the boys signed up to be dancers at the event. 

The color given to each grade group for Color Day will be worn in support of the grade’s competing dodgeball team. 

“I like seeing people dress up creatively and represent their uniqueness during Spirit Week,” stated DAA Freshman Maya Bishara.

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