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The Significance in Getting to Places on Time

  By Ilyas Al Kabour Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Being on time to events, activities and necessary events such as school and work, is very important as it shows what type of individual you are in the work space and helps better your teachers, employers etc. perspective on you.

Being on time is really easy and does not take any skill, however determination and work ethic really show the level of responsibility one has and being on time really does affect people’s judgment on you.

Punctuality, being on time helps make life a lot smoother, being on time helps create a smoother morning and a less stressful day as you aren’t pressured on time however can wake up slowly or get ready slowly if you have your schedule well timed out. When a coworker, classmate or friend is constantly late, it decreases the productivity level of the people around him/her since people get less work done and easily get distracted by someone walking into the classroom or other places past the time set to be there. Punctuality also builds reputability and reliability. Morale and productivity in the workplace grows and gets higher when everyone is on time.

Being late to class can be annoying to teachers while also causing a disruption to both the students and teacher especially when the individual repeatedly comes late. It is easier and less of an inconvenience and headache especially if it is just to make sure you arrive at class on time all while avoiding discussion or any complications. Thiswill allow you to be given more time to be productive during school time.

Here are a few tips to help ensure you stay on time as an individual. 

  • Make Being Prompt a Priority- if you know you have to be somewhere keep that a priority, be on time and plan on getting on time
  • Know Why You Want to Be Punctual. Know the significance on being on time learned from this article
  • Track How Long Tasks Take. planning is important to give you a more accurate understanding on when to leave to your set destination 
  • Use a Timer. Use a timer to ensure you wake up and set timers throughout the day to remind you and keep you on track!

Although these 4 tips seem rather easy and straightforward, a great deal of students are still arriving to class tardy, if you follow these tips and will help being a better student and will be very helpful to getting to meetings and work in the coming years!

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