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5 Things to Do at a Sleepover with your Best Friend!

By: Tina Fares, Feature Editor, The Pawprint

Having a sleepover with your best friend sounds like the best thing ever! Here are some things you could do to keep the conversations going, the spirits happy and the classic movie experience fulfilled. 

1- Movie Night

Nothing is better than playing a nice movie at night, getting snacks, cuddling and enjoying your time. Movie nights are essential to the perfect sleepover experience since they’ve been around for decades and are tradition. Choosing what movie to watch can really affect and set the mood. If your looking for a nice laugh, a comedy movie could be the one for you! If you’re looking for a nice thriller to keep you on your toes, you could always choose a horror movie. Overall, you can never go wrong with a good movie, especially with snacks!

2- Picnic at the Sunset



The sunset is the best time of day to spend outside. What better way to spend it than with your best friend eating good food? You could even play cards or a board game, maybe listen to music and have a dance party or karaoke session. Along with the beautiful sunset, you can have an emotionally deep conversation, it is also a break from the world which allows you to focus on yourself and your best friend. 

3- Going Swimming

Not only is swimming a good activity for your body in general, but it can also relieve stress and bring up your mood. Going swimming with your friends is not only a change in routine and atmosphere but it is also exciting and fun. Swimming for a few hours with your best friend can start deeper conversations, bring you guys closer together and give you a nice tan! 

4- Going Shopping

Many argue that shopping is the best way to spend your time. What better than to do your favorite thing, with your favorite person! You can experience going shopping with someone with who you have similar interests and opinions with which can result in better purchases! Fun conversations, dressing up in nice and silly outfits, grabbing a nice bite, who wouldn’t love that!

5- Babysitting

Not only can you make some extra money but it is actually a lot of fun to spend time with children especially when doing it with your best friend. You can enjoy a variety of different, fun and classic activities which not only make you happy, but also entertain the children.

Overall, no matter what you do with your best friend, you are guaranteed to have a nice and fun time. 

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