DAA Daily

Ukrainian families flee on foot from Russian bombs

By: Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Families that reside in Irpin, a half hour drive outside of Kyiv, flee the city after being attacked and infiltrated byRussian forces. 

Citizens explain that there has been no power or gas for two to three days.

Russian invaders are targeting the citizens of the city, as the mayor has witnessed.

It’s clear that the Russian forces are using fear to drive citizens into submission and proceeding to take over the empty city.

A citizen explains that the attacks are “hell, it’s really hell. The Russian soldiers are bombing civilian houses. The Russians are not fighting the army. They are fighting anyone.” 

Leaving Irpin has been explained as very difficult, finding ways over large rubble, and most notably, a significant bridge connecting Irpin to the Ukrainian capital. Ukrainian soldiers had destroyed the bridge to prevent Russian forces from getting closer to the capital.

Although Ukrainian forces believe that destroying the bridge will not completely stop the Russian army from proceeding to the capital, which Russian troops are looking to overthrow.

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