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At least 26 people have been hurt as a result of brawls between supporters at a Mexican soccer match

On Saturday, a major brawl broke out in the stands of a soccer match in Mexico, injuring at least 26 individuals, two of whom are in critical condition.

The game between Querétaro and Atlas in Liga MX was called off in the second half due to conflicts at the Corregidora stadium.
According to the governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri, 24 males, and two women were hurt. Kuri claimed ten of them had minor injuries and three were in “serious” condition.
Photos from the game show supporters brawling on the field and in the stands, throwing punches and beating each other with items, some of whom seem bloodied.

“We utterly condemn the events that occurred today at the Corregidora stadium,” said a statement from Querétaro.
“We are in communication and coordination with authorities so that they act swiftly against anyone responsible for these events. As an institution, we condemn violence of any kind. We will keep updating.”

By Mia Stevens

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