DAA Daily

Russian Troops Living in Harsh Condition Might Be Sent Back.

Nicolo Danieli, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint DAA.

Russian troops might have to go back to base in a few days, of the harsh living conditions they are in. Soldiers all have to sleep in small houses, all together, and they sleep on the floor in the same room. In addition, the houses are cold and many soldiers are having problems when it comes to dealing with the cold temperatures of nature around them.

Putin had two options to deal with the troops, he either started to invade Ukraine immediately or he sent back his troops to Russia and waited for a bit. 

But now it’s clear what decision Putin has made, and the decision is to attack Ukraine immediately. No major attacks were executed just yet towards Ukraine, but bombs can be heard all the way from Kiev. Putin started to invade the eastern part of Ukraine and now will have to wait and see the outcome of his next attack.

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