DAA Daily

Breonna Taylor’s killer being deemed reckless by prosecutors

By Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A jury is deciding whether former detective Brett Hankinson showed “extreme indifference” in the home of Taylor that led her to be shot and killed. Taylor’s death sparked rallies and protests across America.

Hankinson had entered Taylor’s home on a no-knock warrant. Taylor’s boyfriend shot and wounded an officer leading to officers firing 32 shots, six of which hit Breonna Taylor. 

Some of the shots from the raid reached the neighboring apartment, endangering the family that lived inside. 

Hankinson is now standing on three charges of endangerment. 

The family of Breonna Taylor had sued Louisville police and reached a settlement for $12 million. The grand jury cleared the white officers that had shot and killed Taylor but charged Hankinson with endangerment.

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