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Series of Storms Bring Snow and Freezing Rain to the U.S.

By: Natalie Shomali, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Starting yesterday, a series of storms hit North America, bringing snow and freezing cold rain mainly from the northern Plains to the Great Lakes.

As of yesterday morning, almost 25 million people were under warning for the winter storm. 

Yesterday’s blast was smaller, bringing less severe impacts. Today, a larger wave is expected in the same places. 

The Weather Prediction Center (WPC) claimed that this storm was “significant,” and warned that “a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain may come in two waves to parts of the region.”

Extreme drifting and blowing of snow could cause blizzard-like conditions within some North-Central States, including Minnesota. 

The WPC stated that over 12 inches of snow could be expected from the Dakotas to the Upper Great Lakes by the end of today.

There is also a risk of ice in some areas within southern Michigan and southern Wisconsin. This could lead to power outages, dangerous travel and road conditions, and fallen trees. 

CNN meteorologist Haley Brink said that heavy rainfall and severe storms threaten most of the southern U.S. as of this week. 

“Heavy rainfall rates of 1.5 inches per hour will create mainly localized areas of flash flooding through Tuesday (today),” Brink included.

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