DAA Daily

Climate change report shows worrying impacts

By: Ryan Oswald, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the second of three major reports, and results are said to be published on February 28th.

The newest report focuses on regional impacts, and city and coastal areas. 

The IPCC releases these reports every few years following the government’s request. This set of three reports is their sixth one overall.

The report taps into the idea that climate change is not only about cutting emissions and hitting net zero, but also focuses on many little important details. 

After the report is fully written, it’s reviewed, then summarized and published. The report is expected to cover “tipping points” that are most likely going to subside as the years go by. Some “tipping points” are ones that are irreversible.

The report will also take a look into what can be done technologically to help climate change. Overall, the report is said to have a significant amount of information related to solving climate change that isn’t just scientifically. 

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