DAA Daily

U.S. Coastline Sea Levels Expected to Rise By More Than One Foot Before 2050

Natalie Shomali, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Studies conducted by U.S. government agencies predict that sea levels along the U.S. coastline will rise by 10 – 12 inches within the next 30 years. 

This significant rise to occur by 2050 could amount to the same increase seen over the last 100 years.

The biggest impact is expected to be seen at The Gulf Coast, with a change of 14 – 18 inches. The East Coast will also see a great rise of 10 – 14 inches and The West Coast of 4 – 8 inches. 

This will cause a weighty increase in coastal flooding, according to a report by NASA and additional federal agencies. It also intensifies coastal erosion, wetland loss, and storm surges. 

“Sea levels are continuing to rise at an alarming rate, endangering communities around the world,” said NASA administrator, Bill Nelson. “Science is indisputable and urgent action is required to mitigate a climate crisis that is well underway.” 

NASA’s Sea Level Change team, led by Hamlington, has successfully created an online mapping tool to observe sea level rise across the U.S. 

“The hope is that the online tool will help make the information as widely accessible as possible,” Hamlington said.

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