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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 

By Mia Stevens, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

St. Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday to celebrate love or admiration. Whether it’s spent with significant others, family or friends, Valentine’s Day is meant to express your love to someone special to you. Although there are many different ways of showing your love or appreciation to someone, a thoughtful gesture could speak much louder than gifts or material items. It’s easy to feel pressured to come up with a grand gesture but remember Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your loved ones. This can feel especially pressurizing in somewhere like Dubai, where luxury is valued. But remember that the sentiment matters more than the expense, so here are some simple and doable date ideas that can be used for  any type of relationship. 

Night Out:

Dubai is known to be a hub for adventurous and grand night outs but what is in store on Valentine’s Day? If you’re the type of couple or friend group to enjoy a night filled with experience and activity, some great ventures on a night out in Dubai on Valentine’s Day could include glamorous dinners, live entertainment, get away resorts or even a unique desert experience under the stars.

Dining Experience 

Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of romantic dinner locations on Valentine’s Day. 

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa offers a memorable night of entertainment and food as they host a dining concept called ‘Dinner in the Sand’ where couples are encouraged to enjoy the beach dining barefoot in the sand and relax. With great beachfront views and live performances, a DJ, saxophonist and a range of sharing style dishes served to you, Nikki Beach is an amazing option to spend with your Valentine.

Another great option for dining with a romantic feel is Ce La Vi. Known for its indescribable views opposite the Burj Khalifa, Ce La Vi rests on the 54th floor of the Address Hotel and serves as an unforgettable Valentine’s date location with your significant other. Not only is Ce La Vi serving delicious meals from Pan Asian cuisine, but they also welcome you to listen to a soundtrack of idyllic songs performed by a world-renowned pianist, taking home hand-made bouquets by expert florists from Floward, and hand drawn couples portraits made by award-winning sketch artists. 

If you’re interested in a more laid back dinner or less romantic option, perfect for you and your friends to visit Black Tap to enjoy a specialized milkshake designed for Valentine’s Day.  Black Tap has a more relaxed and casual vibe that would be suitable for hanging out with friends plus American cuisine, bar (for 21+), and music. Black Tap is worth stopping by to experience their customized red velvet cake batter shake, paired with a vanilla frosted rim, whipped cream and a slice of red velvet cake from Magnolia Bakery to finish it off.

Outdoors, Adventures and Activities 

Extravagant dinners are nice but if you and your significant other are the type of couple to enjoy some adventure and explore new activities together then these places may be a better fit for you. After all, trying new things and exploring new activities can hold more value than an expensive dinner and is just as memorable if not more. Some of the following activities aren’t as intimate or romantic so feel free to share this idea with a group of friends as well. 

This 14th try something new with your partner or friends and check out Rolldxb roller disco rink. They offer a themed night named ‘Roll with Love’ which will be taking place between February 12 – 14. This includes a live DJ show,  performances by Rolldxb professional skaters and instructors, photo memorabilia, games, prize giveaways and treats. 

Take advantage of Dubai’s beautiful desert nights by spending a night under the stars at Sonara Camp Dubai. Sonara Camp is welcoming couples this Valentines Day to sit on the sand, under glowing fairy lights and the stars, while enjoying some live music (saxophonist, pianist and vocalist) and their ‘Fire in the Desert’ sharing menu. With the cool weather that still lingers this time of year in Dubai and the distance from the city, this option is guaranteed to please.


If you don’t have a valentine this year, spending time with your friends on this holiday of love can be just as great as it would be with a significant other. Afterall, friends can last longer than boyfriends or girlfriends, so this could be a great opportunity to honor your closest friendships this 14th. 


If you’re single and left with your girlfriends this Valentine’s, take your mind off this sometimes dreadful day of the year and sit back and relax at a spa with your best friends. A great spa to check out that would treat your Galentine’s Day is Away Spa at The W Dubai. Away Spa allows you to select up to two 45 minute treatments of your choice, including the Beauty Boost Facial, Kneed More Massage, plus Mani and Pedi Essentials. 

Another great spa is the Sofitel Spa at Sofitel The Palm. They provide a full-body scrub and massage that combines Swedish and Balinese techniques with Chinese acupressure to relieve tension and stress. It  also includes a one-hour and 30-minute treatment using L’Occitane rose products as well as access to their indoor pools as well as the outdoor infinite pool.

On A Budget

Residents of Dubai can understand that we don’t live in the most budget friendly city. It’s easy spending thousands of dirhams on dinners, events or activities. But you don’t need to spend thousands to have a good time so take advantage of the nice February weather and go for a walk around La Mer or Kite Beach. Simple things like romantic walks on the beach or a picnic in the sand under the stars could be just as memorable as a fancy dinner. Adding more thought and personalizing your date by packing your own dinner, sitting by the water and strolling through the beach could stand out to your partner. 

Everyone loves to have a night in and lounge around, so why not rent movies, make popcorn and spend the night in your pjs with your date this Valentines. Having a movie marathon could be a great night of winding down and gives you the opportunity to be in each other’s company without needing to spend over 100 dirhams. 

Take a trip to Cafe Ceramique and paint or sculpt something special to give to your valentine that they can keep and remember. Cafe Ceramique offers great food and coffee plus welcomes you to try their workshops and art classes to create artwork for yourself or others. This could be a perfect homemade gift and a great memory for your significant other. 

Overall, Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated to show your love whether that’s a grand gesture or something small and intimate. Remember there are other ways to celebrate with your significant other or friends without having to spend thousands of dirhams. It all depends on your partner and what you’re each interested in so have fun finding the perfect fit for you as a couple.

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