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Top Skincare Items for All Skin Types

Yasmine Jarmakani, Lifestyle Editor, The Pawprint

Before diving into the items we can use to take care of our skin, we need to figure out which skin type we have. There are 5 main types of skin. Normal skin isn’t too dry or too oily, it’s well balanced. Dry skin lacks moisture and can seem tight and rough, so it is advised to use products that help produce moisture and hydrate. Oily skin has a glossy shine and visible pores, products that absorb all the extra oils without harming you. You could even have a mix of any of these skin types in different parts of your face. 

This article aims to cater to your specific skin type and even give products that work for all skins. 

1. Sol de Janeiro Creams 

Sol de Janeiro has a wide variety of products but one of the most popular is their creams. The brand offers three different creams:

Coco Cabana Cream is best for deep hydration and dry skin types. 

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is for every skin type and softens the feel of your skin

Bom Dia Bright Cream is best for giving your skin a flawless look. It’s best used for rough skin. 

2. CeraVe Facial Cleanser

CeraVe is an extremely diverse brand and offers an expansive amount of products for almost every single skin type, concern or even just plain sunscreens. But their cleansers are by far, one of their most popular products. There are many different versions of the cleanser which offer solutions to many skin concerns such as acne, redness, moisture… 

They even have different types of formulas for the cleansers such as creams, micellar water, wipes and soap bars. 

3. The Ordinary Oils

The Ordinary is an affordable, vegan and cruelty-free brand that also offers many products. But their oils/serums are one product to highlight. They offer an extremely wide range of oils for any skin issue. From redness, irritation and blemishes to dehydration, dullness and even scarring. Since their products are vegan this also means users of the product are less likely to have unexpected reactions to the products. 

4. Kiehl’s Face Masks

Kiehl’s is another brand that uses all-organic products. Their facemasks are soft and creamy and can solve any issue. Their website matches you to your ideal facemask based on what concerns you have with your skin. They even have overnight masks if you’d like something soothing while you sleep. 

5. Peace Out Dots

These are very simple products. Stickers you apply to parts of your face that help with acne, dark spots and redness. Peace out has an assortment of stickers to choose from; acne, dark spots, wrinkles, puffy eyes and pores. 

Hopefully, this article helps you find some skin products that suit you. But a gentle reminder to always check the ingredients to make sure none of the ingredients in fact causes more issues for you.

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