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Russian Olympic skater waits verdict on her future to compete at the Beijing Games

By: Larissa Chalouhi, Pawzfeed editor, The Pawprint

Kamila Vaileva, a Russian olympic skater who is 15 years old, will find out in a few hours if she will be able to continue her olympic camgaine. 

She tested positive for a banned drug. Trimetazidine in December , which is commonly used to treat people with the heart condition.Russia’s anti-doping agency RUSADA temporarily banned Valieva from competition on Tuesday. The CAS (The Court of Arbitration for Sport) held a long hearing on Sunday to decide whether she will be able to perform in the women’s single competition on February 15.  

 She previously competed in the team figure skating event in Beijing, when she helped the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) win first place. She was the first woman to ever land the quadruple leap in the olympics. A quadruple leap is when you jump in the air and do four full spins before landing perfectly. She has broken multiple world records during the season. 

Many of her fans do not blame her but instead blame the adults around her like her coaches, and doctors as she is one of the youngest athletes to fail a drug test. Regardless of the criticism Kamila continues to practice in Beijing to prepare for the competition. 

The Russian government Vladimer Putin expressed support for Vaileva. A spokesperson for Vladimer told the public, “We call on everyone to support her. And we say to Kamila: ’Kamila, do not hide your face, you are a Russian woman, walk proudly everywhere and most of all, compete and win against everyone.” He wants to show support for the Russian superstar as she is representing their country. 

A verdict is expected on Monday at around 2 pm Beijing time. Everyone around the world is tense waiting for the final verdict, and because Kamila is a minor other associations have been involved like The world anti doping agency has stated that they will investigate her case. 

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