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UAE marks one year since Emirates Mission reached Mars in historic feat

By Mascha Cenia, Social Media Editor, The Pawprint

One year after the UAE became the first Arab country to reach Mars and write its name in the history books as the first Arab country to do so, the mission continues to collect critical data and share never-before-seen photographs with the rest of the world.

According to The National, when the Hope spacecraft reached the orbit of Mars on February 9 of last year, a worldwide audience waited with bated breath.

The UAE’s space agency became the world’s sixth to complete the mission.

The spacecraft was followed by the mission director, Omran Sharaf, and his team of engineers from ground control at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center as it entered orbit. 

“We are pleased to inform the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Arab and Muslim nations, of our successful arrival in Mars orbit.” “All glory to God,” Mr Sharaf said at the moment in a live broadcast.

Since then, the probe has returned spectacular photographs of the planet, revealing its geological characteristics and atmospheric conditions.

Scientists from all over the world have benefited from the mission’s data thus far, which includes photographs of the planet’s intriguing aurora and abundance of oxygen.

Mr Sharaf told The National on the occasion that the expedition is just 50% accomplished and that further discoveries are yet to be discovered.

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