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Omicron BA.2: Is There Cause For Concern?

By: Natalie Shomali, Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A new variant of Omicron, known as Omicron BA.2, was discovered in December 2021. Its effects are still being investigated, but experts can confirm that it spreads rapidly. 

It was first seen in India and South Africa, and has spread to 57 different countries since then, including the US and Denmark.

“The expected trajectory is that it will become the new dominant variant, as once it crosses past a certain threshold it becomes dominant,” said WHO regional emergency director, Dr. Dorit Nitzan. 

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency was able to identify more than 400 cases of Omicron BA.2 within the first ten days of January alone. 

Studies conducted by Denmark’s SSI proved that this sub-variant also has a higher tendency to evade vaccines. However, vaccinated people are still less likely to receive or pass on the virus.

As of now, no data can prove that BA.2 has more severe side effects in comparison to previous sub-variants of Omicron. 

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